Flying on Wings of Hope and Sorrow. Life at home during the coronavirus.

Once More to the Page. Remembering Ned Stuckey French.

Dreaming About the Old Days. Taking my daughter to see Taylor Swift.

Marching to the Beat of My Daughter’s Drum. Essay about taking daughter to Women’s March

When the Kids Are Away. Essay about lonely dad while family is away for two months.

Seeking Shelter from the Storm Essay on author’s Martha’s Vineyard Origins.

Holding the Pain, Preaching to Hope Wife Cathlin Baker preaches at historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Wrestling With the Weight of Darkness Time, wrestling and addiction.

Glass Overflowing Tips Just a Bit First of three essays chronicling wife’s breast cancer. This piece focuses on chemotherapy stage.

In the Darkness a Night Light Shines Second essay on breast cancer journey – surgery. Won first place 2013 NENPA awards for serious columnist.

Moving Toward Shore, Paddling Together Third essay on breast cancer journey – radiation.

My Baby and Me Ride to Preschool Five year old daughter’s last day of preschool.

Ghosts of the Past Walk on Four Legs Dad’s past life as a pet sitter gets in the way of children’s desire for a pet.

Why He Moved Into My Car and Why I Let Him I let a homeless man live in my car for four months.

Wrestling With the Passage of Time Months before 25th college reunion heading back to old high school to wrestle once again.


The Hitcher This American Life Story of how at age 10 kidnapped while hitchhiking on Martha’s Vineyard.

The Strangest Part of All Live performance on The Moth about grappling with wife’s breast cancer


Carly Simon Finds Her Chorus. Won first place 2016 NENPA award for local personality piece.

With Humor, Irony and Some Gore Too, Wes Craven Defined a Genre Obituary for friend Wes Craven

From Ragamuffin to Power Broker Profile of Bob Carroll. Won first place 2013 NENPA awards for local personality piece.

A Life Still Lived at Two Speeds, Wow and What Was That Profile of Andy Heyward, creator of Inspector Gadget.

Read On! After 25 Years Blues Still Biting Homage to John Hersey and his book Blues.